Expanding Your Horizons (Income Potential) As a Freelance Writer

One of the most common complaints that I see among writers online is that no one wants to pay for writing anymore and that it’s hard to earn a decent wage when so many business owners are outsourcing their work to other countries.  While there may be some merit to the complaints, innovative writers and creators thinkers know that their income potential is not limited by how some business owners decide to have their content created.  If you have found yourself in this situation and feel you are not making enough as a freelance writer, then you earn more by doing what writers do best – thinking outside the box.

Someone’s business model should never be allowed to dictate your worth as a writer.  There are markets for all types of content.  If you know that the content you create is worth more than the pennies a potential client wants to pay you, then move along to the next client.  There is always a market for excellent skills.  If you have specialized skills, many times you can capitalize on those as well.

Remember, never allow someone to tell you what your time and talent is worth.  While some clients are unwilling to pay more, there are many others who will.  You just have to learn how to seek them out while also making yourself as visible as possible.  Yes, your main job is writing, but marketing yourself is crucial as well.

Positioning Yourself to Earn More As a Writer

The writers who earn the most are those who position themselves well.  You can help increase your own earning potential as a writer by:

Creating a Stellar Portfolio

Every writer should have a portfolio.  Your portfolio is crucial in helping you to achieve the income you desire.  Make sure that your portfolio displays your best work and includes samples of all the types of content you can create.  If you have expertise or specialize in a certain area, make sure your portfolio reflects this experience as well.  For example, if you are a nurse, you might emphasize your ability to create health related content based on your credentials.  Such expertise is in high demand.

Ideally, you will want to register a unique domain name and obtain hosting for your online portfolio.  While you can use a free host like Blogger or the hosted version of WordPress, it is so easy and cheap to have your own website these days that it makes sense to brand yourself right from the beginning.

Blog About It

Since you have your portfolio online, you may as well have a blog also.  Don’t worry, there is no need to blog every day.  A well written post once a week should do the trick.  Your blog will give potential clients the opportunity to get an even better idea of your writing style and creativity.  So definitely consider having a blog.

Keeping Social Profiles Updated

Social websites are HUGE right now and you should take full advantage of the trend.  Create detailed profiles on all the top social websites (Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, etc.) and interact with those in your field.  Join groups and contribute useful information.  You will be surprised how many opportunities will often arise because of your social visibility. Make certain that you go above and beyond when completing work for any clients you obtain as you will open yourself to even more opportunities.  If someone is extremely happy with your work, they will often recommend you to their associates.

Consider Publishing Ebooks and/or Affiliate Marketing

To boost your online income potential as a freelance writer even more, consider creating your own ebooks and/or affiliate marketing.  With the proliferation of e-readers, there is an enormous market for electronic content.  Not only can you sell your content directly from your own website, but Amazon and Barnes and Noble have HUGE markets with the Kindle and the Nook e-readers.

Affiliate marketing is another consideration for those wanting to earn more with their writing.  Basically, you are marketing someone’s product and earning a commission.  Creating content rich niche sites is an excellent way to accomplish this.  So, being a writer, you already have an advantage over many other beginning affiliate marketers.


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    Article writing for businesses is hard to break into. Putting your name “out” on the internet with a portfolio of your content will help. Branding a website and social media as a writer is a great idea. We found a sub domain blog on another platform does more good than a personal blog. They can be shorter and indexed faster. We do have an onsite blog to help with optimization however most of our blogs are written on another platform. This pulls traffic to the website. It also gives us a deadline for posting new blogs.

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